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Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

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  • Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

    Apologies on these not being out sooner, but hopefully everyone has time to finalize plans!


    7:30 AM 8:30 AM Registration at BBQ Area near Restaurant. Free Coffee at cafeteria during registration.
    8:40 AM 8:55 AM Driver’s meeting #1.
    9:00 AM 12:00 PM Practice, run groups to be finalized based on registrations - based on current registrations, it will be 2 run groups
    12:00 AM 12:40 PM Lunch
    12:40 PM 12:50 PM Driver’s meeting #2 (mandatory)
    1:00 PM 5:00 PM Competition
    5:00 PM Track closed
    5:30 PM Dinner (Saturday only) (Tickets for $10 at registration)
    6:00 PM Saturday Driver’s meeting #3 // Results, Prizes // 5:30pm Sunday


    1) Drivers’ meetings are mandatory for all drivers.

    2) Drivers are required to be registered, provide signed Vehicle Technical Self Declaration form to scrutineering (available at

    3) Drivers/passengers must have the appropriate long sleeved shirts, long pants and socks (Rule 1.2.1).

    4) Only people who have signed the track waiver and have a wrist band will be allowed in the paddock area. The paddock area will be separated by yellow caution tape.

    5) Passengers 18 years or older will be allowed during lapping after signing a waiver.

    6) All cars must be classified before registration is complete. You may classify your car online at Each competitor shall present upon demand, by any race official or fellow competitor, a copy of their car's classification declaration on paper for inspection (including, if applicable, race weight and dyno declarations). Any competitor who is unable to provide such documentation shall be scored in Mod1 class at the event in question.

    7) All cars are required to display the designated sponsor decals.

    8) Novice competitor cars must display a triangle indicating novice status on the rear of the car. Novice competitors are encouraged to keep their coaching forms at all times to facilitate instructor sign-off.

    9) Lunch schedule may be revised at any time. Changes will be announced at the track.

    10) Signaled passing will be according to the OTA rulebook section 2.7. Designated passing Zones are:
    a. PRO passing zones: Between corners 2 and 3, back straight and front straight; as marked by pylons.
    b. Long Track passing zones: between turns 1 and 2, turns 5 and 6, the back straight and the front straight; as marked by pylons.
    c. Cars making the pass, pass on the right side after being signaled by the slower car.

    There will be NO PASSING during afternoon competition

    11) To discourage competitors from cutting the curbing and dragging debris on to the track, pylons may be placed off the track surface. Competitors who tip or move the pylons will receive a four-wheels-off penalty.

    12) After your competitive run, competitors are asked to leave the track at the Fabi pit entrance. Cars with race slicks can exit at the exit just before the front straight. Please identify yourself to organizer if you have race slicks.

    13) If a competitor's car spins off the track, they are to stay off the track (or move further off the track to a safe location) and are not to return to the pavement until the end of their run group.

    14) If a car becomes mechanically disabled, the driver should pull off the track to a safe area and not try to make it back to the pits until told to do so.

    15) If a car is off the track in a safe place for whatever reason, the driver is deemed to be no longer competing and passing of this parked car by other competitors is allowed.

    16) The governing regulations for this event are in the 2015 Ontario Time Attack Regulations rulebook.

    17) Additional supplementary regulations may be instituted during the weekend. Such additions or amendments will be clearly stated at the morning drivers' meetings.

    18) Concession stands will be open 7:30am to 2pm. Free coffee 8:30am to 9:00am each day at Cafeteria.

    19) Dinner on Saturday evening in BBQ area for $10, tickets at registration. Dinner will be a choice of bacon wrapped steak or chicken breast, salad and dessert. Usual beverages will be provided with dinner.

    20) Free camping. Bonfires Friday and Saturday nights. Meet your fellow competitors in a friendly atmosphere. Bring a lawn chair.
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    Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

    Any chance we could add a passing zone for the long track; between 6-7 (after the left sweeper that is before the second left carousel)?

    It's a long time between the front straight and the back straight.


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      Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

      Sounds resonable Greg, just to be 100% clear, do you mean the stretch that runs almost parallel to the back straight (labelled 5-6 on this map)?

      By my count that's 6-7, just want to make sure we're talking about the same stretch.


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        Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

        Correct, 5-6 on that map. It's a safe place to pass.

        I was counting the Moss Carosel as two corners.


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          Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

          Originally posted by Greg Campbell View Post
          Correct, 5-6 on that map. It's a safe place to pass.

          I was counting the Moss Carosel as two corners.
          Updated, I used the counting on that picture even though Moss Carousel is 2 corners to me too. Thanks for the suggestion Greg.


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            Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

            Small update, based on the current registrations there will be two run groups for the morning practice so everyone will get lots of practice time!


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              Re: Supplementary Regs - Event 6 & 7

              Event #7 unofficial results.... attached.
              Attached Files
              '11 Red STI #373

              Keep right except to pass.