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Your Time Attack Committee for 2016

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  • Your Time Attack Committee for 2016

    These people work quietly in the background as volunteers to ensure your series is successful!

    OTA is a collaboration of 3 clubs and CASCOR.
    There 3 Clubs are:
    OMSC with Prez Andy P., SPDA with Prez Joe T., and TAC with Prez Rob M.

    The steering committee is made up of the following:

    OMSC Rep: Dave B. and his rare and fast Corvette which consistently breaks brake rotors (also Instructor of the Year 2015)
    SPDA Rep: Will P., who cannot afford tires this year because he has to feed a new addition to his family
    TAC Rep: Gary V., who also serves as our Secretary

    Officers are:
    Treasurer: Rob H and the quick green Miata
    Secretary: Gary V. also front runner ice racer
    Registrar: vacant so “insert your name here”

    Competent Consultants:
    Stephen D. and his lightning fast Subaru
    John P. more than 15 years overseeing OTA rules and highly skilled driver
    Perry R. another competent ice racer and previous head timer
    Gary W. Head TImer and fine competitor in his sizzling RX8 and winner of volunteer of the year for 2015!
    Derek C. with quite a few corvettes he has stashed away
    Scott M. from Canalignment

    Please join me in thanking them for their hard work and dedication!
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    Re: Your Time Attack Committee for 2016

    Congrats to the 2016 Committee for assembling a fine group, and yes I thank you all for the great job you will do in the 2016 season of OTA.
    I will support the cause as I am able , and participate in brainstorming to promote and grow the discipline .


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      Re: Your Time Attack Committee for 2016

      Just wanted to add Grant Galloway as Registrar as our newest member.
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        Re: Your Time Attack Committee for 2016

        Here's the contact info for 2016, all addresses are, not posted in entirety to keep away the spam:

        Grant G - Registrar

        Rob H - Treasurer

        Perry R & Gary W - Timing

        Gary V - Secretary

        Scott M - Chief Instructor

        Derrick C - Chief Scrutineer

        TAC Rep (Gary V)

        OMSC Rep (Dave B)

        SPDA Rep (Will P)
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