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What I learned at TMP event 1

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  • What I learned at TMP event 1

    The new Type R is faster on track than I thought!

    Winter mods translate into going faster

    Alex has competition in GT3 this year (way to go Kevin)

    Lots of new friendly people in OTA series is growing

    If you become OTA champion, you get demoted to car wrangler (thanks Kyle)

    Don't try to send it on the final run of the day, especially in Turn 12! If you do bring a change of underwear.

    See everyone on June 9th and 10th I am bringing firewood!


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    Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

    Iím in GT3 and itís my first year so I am up against some very experienced competition. My best run was 87.9; at least better than my 91.9 in the morning. I find that it all comes down to consistency on the line. Once I get my racing seat in Iíll be able to focus on that and not trying to brace myself against the slippery stock leather seat. (JRP now estimates itís arrival at the end of June, originally it was mid May.) I am very eager to get more time in just learning how far I can start my braking because I know my brakes are very good but I have to build up my trust first. Coming out of corners I can see where having an LSD would help get the power to the ground. My tires will probably be done at the end of the season and I canít wait to move onto Toyoís! Other than that my car feels great and Iím happy with its reliability. Itís nice to find out that the past 3 years of preparation have paid off and it does well going hard on track.

    I canít wait for DDT in two weeks! Itís so close! I can bring firewood too if needed.
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      Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

      Great event. Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to those who volunteered.

      1. Sometimes winter improvements aren't.

      2. Lots of great novices in the series thiz year who are very impressive.

      3. Very close at the front which makes this an impressive year.

      4. Really feels like a gathering of friends, wonderful environment.

      5. Thanks to all who helped load up the van.

      6.. Bring on round 2.
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        Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

        Thanks for organizing the event! Had a lot of fun and I'm glad the next one is just 2 weeks from now
        Pawel Bienkowski
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          Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

          It was a really fun day, thanks for all who helped out!

          1. After a long winter without driving the race car, it takes a few laps to get the rust off.

          2. Great helpful people at the events, even providing a generator or a push to help out my dead battery.

          3. Nice to see lots of new people out and to catch up with the old ones too. Looks to be a fun season.

          4. Pushing hard on track really is tough on vehicles - so many broken cars today, hopefully you'll all be back out soon.

          See you at DDT!
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            Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

            WIL at Event 1.

            1. Volunteering is alive and well. It's been said before, but it bears repeating: Many hands make light work. Many, many, thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who make this series what it is. We had great help from our volunteers on Saturday to make the event run smoothly. We also had great help before the event to get things ready. There are countless hours spent by a bunch of really dedicated folks who work long and hard to make things fun and enjoyable for our competitors. Managing registrations, communicating with competitors, classifying cars, setting up scoring, attracting sponsors and volunteers, designing T shirts, getting decals printed, etc. etc. Organizing an event is easy with so much help. Thank you all!

            2. OTA is graced with a lot of nice, friendly people. My wife told me on the drive home how much she enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with the people she encountered.

            3. New people are the lifeblood of a sustainable series, and it was really great to see a bunch of new people experience OTA for the first time. Tell your friends!

            4. I'm really looking forward to Event 2 when at last I can dust off my old heap, bolt on a new set of Toyo's and compete.


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              Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

              I'll chime it here too.

              WIL at event #1

              1. I was "regrettably" as slow as my phone track timer app said

              2. A little coaching goes a long way and I knocked 7 seconds off by the end of the day

              3. Competing, regardless of your skill level is fun!

              4. Sweating 5 pounds off on Saturday give you a voracious appetite on Sunday

              5. OTA events are fun and well organized, great job all!

              Looking forward to event #2
              Mike Bennett-GT3 #907


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                Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

                Not really a "what I learned", but observations...

                1. I'll reiterate how well OTA is run, and it comes from all the hard work from the volunteers.
                2. Perfect weather. Cloudy enough to not make it stupid hot, and most of the rain stayed away. Apparently the weather radar lies.
                3. It pays to be in a small class, and have the top guy have issues. Thanks Carsten!
                4. The drag cars are even louder when you park next to the grandstand.
                5. 1/8 tank of gas is not enough when the course is mostly right handers and the fuel pickup is on the right hand side of the tank.
                6. How long (years) have the washrooms been out of service?
                7. It pays to stay until the end for the drivers meeting... sometimes you win oil!

                My best run was my first run of the day. 0.8sec faster than last year according to my timer.

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                  Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

                  Originally posted by dubya_rx View Post
                  4. The drag cars are even louder when you park next to the grandstand.
                  I almost pitted there but I remembered how loud they are!
                  Originally posted by dubya_rx View Post
                  6. How long (years) have the washrooms been out of service?
                  Been a while now, track's been fighting environmental issue for years. The infrastructure for those washrooms dates back to WW2. If you don't want to do the port-a-potty deal head for the drag tower. There are men's and women's washrooms on all 3 floors.
                  Mike Bennett-GT3 #907


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                    Re: What I learned at TMP event 1

                    WIL at my first event with OTA

                    1. Bringing a 10x10 gazebo keeps the girlfriend happy
                    2. I need a proper tire gauge and pump as I was playing with pressures all day (Thanks Alex B for yours)
                    3. Be patient and faster lap times come when you least expect them too
                    4. Everyone at the event was amazing and friendly - I'm going to keep doing this as long I'm alive
                    5. GT3 is one hell of a class
                    6. You can get WAY more than you would expect in a BRZ
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