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  • CCDB login issues

    looking to see who i need to chat with about trying to recover my password on the CCDB site so i can set my pip schedule and submit it. yes i did try to use the "lost password" feature , i've tried about 5 times now in 24 hrs and it hasn't sent the email to recover the account . i've been checking my email inbox and spam box with out any luck

    any help is appreciated


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    Re: CCDB login issues

    What's the username you're trying to log in with? What should the email address on the account be?

    Guessing at the username based on your forum username, I see two different accounts with two different email addresses.

    PM if you prefer.
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      Re: CCDB login issues

      Hey Will.

      The user name I use for CCDB is Silex , email should be

      Thank you for looking into this for me


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        Re: CCDB login issues

        I see a recent login, I assume you're all good now?