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Disabling traction control, rules modification/clarification request

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  • Disabling traction control, rules modification/clarification request

    Seems like this must have been asked somewhere at some point but I didn't see it.

    In the rules ( it says it is not permitted to disable traction/stability control via re-programming the ecu. The Subaru BRZ (and all other 86 platforms, among others) when you press and hold the TC button the traction and stability control are still not actually fully off. HOWEVER; if the car is fully up to temperature and you do "the pedal dance" then they can be turned fully off. Since this is a factory offered feature could we then be allowed to flash the ECU to allow a button press/hold to enable it (and for no other performance related reason) for zero pips, rather than doing the pedal dance?

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    Thanks for bringing this up. I didn't realize that you couldn't do that, without taking the ecu pips.

    Right now, I currently have an Open Flash Tablet with a generic tune and I use that to disable the TC. I've already taken pips for it, but I honestly don't think it actually does anything for my lap times. It also requires the car to be up to temperature before it can disable it. Not really a solution either. Next year I'll be removing the ECU modification, and just doing the pedal dance.
    Just curious, if you found a device that will disable it even if the car isn't up to temp?

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      If your car comes with the OEM option to disable traction control, yaw control etc. then there no PIPs. need to be taken. If you were to reprogram the ECU and its only purpose was to do the same, I am sure we would let that go. OTOH, usually the reprogramming of the ECU is to do a lot more than just disable traction control.
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        I haven't really looked into it but I thought I saw someone on the 86 forums comment that they'd installed a switch or changed the TC button to completely disable it, using some tune. I don't *think* that it needed to be up to temp yet either but I don't recall for sure.

        I know OTA is usually pretty reasonable about such things but I figured I'd get a ruling one way or another and then look into it more.


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          disabling via pedal dance, or holding traction button for 3 seconds is fine as that is enabled from factory , pedal dance is the manual option to put the vehicle in a full maintenance mode if you do not have access to techstream to connect to the vehicle , however if you flash the ecu as a result you can disable it through the option list in OFT but as a result of the re-program you've essentially flashed a new IGN/FUEL map etc thus you would have to claim the ecu re-reprogram pip. In order to not have the PIP penalty for the modification you would need proof that the flash performed did no modification to the engine mapping and the sole purpose is enable the option to disable traction control this would probably be by means of a dyno graph but for all that effort I would A) just do pedal dance , B) re-flash ECU with a OFT or ecutek and claim the PIP and maybe if its a decent off the shelf flash or you do a tune then it will be worth it .
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            I'll have to double check, but I'm about 90% sure you can use an OFT to get into pedal dance mode without it being married to the car or flashing a tune. Another option is something like the beastronix module that automatically puts it in pedal dance mode without flashing the ECU