Hi Folks!

It seems that we were unable to get enough registrants for November 9th to make hosting the banquet that day logical. I know for several folks it conflicts with SEMA travel. I regret to say that we’re going to postpone the banquet until the New Year to see if we can pick up some more numbers.

What are your thoughts for rescheduling the banquet?

Keep Dave and Busters or do you have another suggestion?

What month? January? February? March as a pre-season build progress update?

If you had already bought tickets: Please let us know that you received this postponement notice. Since we already took the Credit Card fee hit, we’d appreciate if you could leave the funds as a deposit for the new date. If it turns out you can’t make the new date, or just prefer your money back now, we will cheerfully refund. No worries.

Again, we’re sorry for the disruption of your plans. We hope this will gel with more folks’ schedules.