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  • OTA Announcement Thread

    OTA utilizes the following platforms to keep our competitors and fans up to date, organizational announcements are posted across all platforms:

    - Time Attack Website (
    - CASC Time Attack Forum (
    - MotorsportReg Email Blast (
    - OTA Registrar Email (
    - Facebook (
    - Instagram (
    - Discord (

    Each platform serves its unique purpose and are monitored/updated by the same team. However for urgent matters that require immediate resolution and live discussion, please reach out to us through the bolded channels (Facebook/Instagram/Discord).

    For quick access to common OTA assets and links, please visit

    Joe Li
    OTA Registrar

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    reserved space for future announcements
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    Joe Li
    OTA Registrar


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      Good evening dear competitors!

      With winter upon us, the OTAO has put on the big jolly red man's suit and managed to push out the 2021 RULE BOOK before Christmas!

      Please find the 2021 Rules on our website or via this link here.


      Kevin Wong
      Interim CASC-OR Time Attack Director
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        Good afternoon folks!

        As discussed in our virtual competitors meeting back in November, OTA has listened to YOUR feedback and adjusted the classing to free up more room to navigate within the OTA iPAX standings!

        This simplifies our classing whilst still retaining the spirit of the iPAX scoring system. See below for the new classes and how they compare against the outgoing set!

        Click image for larger version

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          Mark it down on your calendar - our annual Open House will be on the 17th of April this year.

          Due to COVID gathering restrictions, we will be running it digitally - more details to follow.

          What does this mean?
          ⁠- From April 17 0:00EST to April 24 23:59EST, the prices on our MotorsportsReg events are written down by 5%
          - The discount is stackable with all other forms of discounts (10% off if you register for both TMP or SMP days, or 5% off if you register for the series)
          - The OTA Organizers will be available on Zoom for digital meet/greet, we will also be able to answer any of your questions live
          - More details will follow, keep an eye on our social media accounts

          Please note that in the event the authorities prevent us from having an event, a FULL REFUND for the events affected will be guaranteed. We are still planning to go ahead with the 2021 season!

          Click image for larger version  Name:	170235657_298193215192880_1421245236109115147_n.jpg?width=986&height=657.jpg Views:	0 Size:	68.7 KB ID:	459349

          LIVE timing + FAIR classing + FAST drivers + join OTA!

          Kevin Wong
          CASC-OR Time Attack Director
          CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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            Many thanks once again to long time OTA sponsor, Toyo Tires Canada for returning with their tire contingency program! As you all know, the R888R, RA1 and RR tires are classified as a 'street' tire (200tw equivalent in PI) so if you follow through with the contingency rules you can win a set of R888Rs, RA1s or RRs!

            For more details and to sign up for this contingency program - CLICK HERE:

            Note that this program is a 'championship within a championship' style. In other words, the highest scoring iPAX OTA competitor complying with the contingency rules for 2021 wins these tires and NOT necessarily the overall iPAX winner!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	171478702_272593764451381_8618631084265472227_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.9 KB ID:	459378
            CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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              Returning for the 2021 season is the famous Mazda Canada Driver contingency program! Previously run by Gary Wood, we've brought back this venerable program with Mazda Canada to provide a GREAT cash payout for anyone competing in at least 5 out of 6 events in the 2021 season!

              For more details and to sign up for this program, CLICK HERE:⁠

              Program Payout:
              Contingency payout shall be based on the following Mazda driver finishing position as scored against all other eligible Mazda drivers.
              1st: $1,200
              2nd: $1,000
              3rd: $800

              4th: $600
              5th: $400
              6th: $300
              7th: $250
              8th: $200
              9th: $150
              10th: $100

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              CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                Saving the best for last - the 3rd of our triumvirates of giveaway continue with our long time series support from our fine friends at NV Auto!⁠ ⁠ If you haven't heard of them, well where have you been? One of the best race shops in the west end of GTA, conveniently located near TMP/Cayuga, and home to the infamous beard of Riley Sexsmith.⁠ The NVAuto contingency program is open to any series competitors and have amazing prizes for every event!

                To sign up CLICK HERE⁠

                See you on the track.⁠

                Click image for larger version

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                CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                  Click image for larger version

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                  While we wait for the Province to lift its Stay-at-Home Order, we're EXTREMELY proud to announce that Tri-Hospital Laboratory has stepped up their sponsorship and along with Team VDG, OTA has upgraded their event awards from the old medals to proper trophies!

                  Starting in 2021, we will be handing out the above trophies from left to right:

                  1- Fastest Lap Time of the day
                  2- Class Champion
                  3- Event Champion
                  4- Top 3 Novices

                  THANK YOU to Tri-Hospital Sleep Laboratory and Team VDG for supporting us!
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                  CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                    UPDATE on DDT School + Event #1 (May 15/16th)

                    With the extension of the Stay-at-Home order by the Province of Ontario until May 19, 2021, we’d like to clarify the status of our DDT school and Event #1 slated for May 15th and 16th respectively.

                    Since “Motorsports” are listed as one of the “Businesses not permitted to open”, this means the race tracks are currently closed for business (since April 8th).

                    The Province has not outlined any plans for reopening nor provided any indications as to what may happen in the near future. As a result, the tracks have not been able to truly determine what they can and cannot do with their existing schedules. Bear in mind that they’ve lost almost 2 months worth of business for 2021 (April and most of May) and need to squeeze what they MIGHT have left into the remaining summer months. We are all motorsports fans and no one wants to see anyone lose a track day over this.

                    As a result, OTAs reserved dates on CTMP’s Driver Development Track have NOT been officially moved or cancelled yet.

                    We are working diligently with the tracks to determine what can be done to salvage the current situation and will advise all of our customers and fans as to what will happen once the Province changes its restrictions and/or outlines a re-opening plan.

                    For those who have signed up during the Open House, THANK YOU for your amazing support!!! If the school or Event #1 is cancelled or postponed, you are entitled to 100% refund or to move the credit towards an equal value event AT OPEN HOUSE pricing. For now, please sit tight, stay at home and stay safe and healthy.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                      UPDATE #2 on DDT School + Event #1 - RESCHEDULED!

                      OTA would like to announce that Event #1 has been RESCHEDULED to May 22nd / 23rd (School / Event #1 respectively).

                      NOTE: This date still depends entirely on the Province allowing motorsports to operate as soon as the State of Emergency is lifted after May 20th.

                      With the recent changes in the Ontario Covid-19 vaccination programs, we highly urge that our competitors keep an eye on their local health care news and notifications to get their vaccine (if applicable) as soon as possible to help with Canada's efforts to stop Covid-19. For more information on getting your vaccine, please visit your regional health care website.
                      CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                        UPDATE #3 on DDT School + Event #1 - POSTPONED!

                        As of May 13th, the Province of Ontario has announced they are extending the Stay-At-Home order for an additional two weeks - up to June 2nd. This makes the execution of our school and Event #1 on May 22nd and 23rd respectively, impossible.

                        Please bear with us as we attempt to reschedule with CTMP and determine what can be done in these extenuating circumstances. Please watch our media fronts for up to date information.
                        CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                          UPDATE #4 on DDT School + Event #1 (May 22nd/23rd)

                          OTA has regrettably had to cancel our May 22nd / 23rd event at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park‘s Driver Development Track (DDT) due to the extension of the Stay-At-Home order till June 2nd.

                          OTA would like to thank everyone at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park for working with us to attempt to reschedule but with the loss of more than 2 months of the racing season, it was simply not possible.

                          That said, the OTA school will be moved to June 26th (Saturday) and our first 2021 event will be held on June 27th (Sunday)both at Toronto Motorsports Park. For those of you who have signed up for our original DDT dates, you will be given an option to accept the move, full refund or allocate to a different event as per the original Covid refund policy.

                          Stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you at the track sometime soon.
                          CASC-OR Time Attack Director



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                            EVENT #2 at TMP is 80% SOLD OUT! Don't forget to sign up soon - HERE:

                            Still lots of spots for the Saturday OTA controlled lapping day - sign up HERE:

                            CASC-OR Time Attack Director