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  • OTA Announcement Thread

    OTA utilizes the following platforms to keep our competitors and fans up to date, organizational announcements are posted across all platforms:

    - Time Attack Website (
    - CASC Time Attack Forum (
    - MotorsportReg Email Blast (
    - OTA Registrar Email (
    - Facebook (
    - Instagram (
    - Discord (

    Each platform serves its unique purpose and are monitored/updated by the same team. However for urgent matters that require immediate resolution and live discussion, please reach out to us through the bolded channels (Facebook/Instagram/Discord).

    For quick access to common OTA assets and links, please visit

    Joe Li
    OTA Registrar

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    reserved space for future announcements
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    Joe Li
    OTA Registrar


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      From the Director:

      Hello and thank you for your commitment to OTA! We were worried we wouldn’t have a season, but your response has been fantastic. Plans are in place for a wonderful event! That said, there are some important things to discuss.

      There will be competitors and volunteers at OTA events who fall into the high-risk group for COVID-19, or need to take care of people that are. People with asthma, COPD, heart issues, undergoing chemotherapy or have other immune system compromising conditions. For the health of our friends and community, we need to be FLAWLESS in our physical distancing. Wear a mask when physical distancing isn’t possible (such as in the washrooms) and wash or sanitize your hands frequently. If you have any questions, we will have a volunteer whose sole job is to help you follow COVID-19 protocols.

      Everyone coming to the event is required to bring their own MASK, SANITIZER, a PEN, and TOOLS for applying series vinyl graphics to your vehicle. I suggest masking tape, exacto knife / razor and an old plastic ID type card for applying the vinyl and pushing out bubbles. In the past, we’ve shared these tools, but I want to avoid that added risk on Sunday. Please have your decals on the vehicle by competition start at 12:40 pm.

      We are not allowing spectators. If you have crew with you (maximum 4), make sure they have a mask and sanitizer as well. Autoslalom will not be taking place this year in the paddock, so there is lots of room. Gates will be closed after 9 am.

      CTMP will allow you to camp in the GP track Family Camping area IF I put your name on a list for them. Email me ASAP at if you want to camp at CTMP Saturday night.

      Please see the attached map of where you cannot park. Maintain 3m / 12 ft between parked cars so that you can change tires while maintaining physical distancing. We will be having registration and the driver’s meeting outside with a PA system. If you have hearing difficulties, please come to the front.

      Thank you everyone for your added efforts to make this a safe event.

      Stephen Deneka
      CASC-OR Time Attack Director
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      CASC-OR Time Attack Director