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2020 Official Results - Event #1 CTMP DDT 1 Kink - May 31, 2020

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  • 2020 Official Results - Event #1 CTMP DDT 1 Kink - May 31, 2020

    Good evening everyone,

    As some of you may know, the timing loop at CTMP DDT was damaged (short across coaxial cable connecting the track MyLaps loop) and we were unable to run the MyLaps X2 timing system as a result.

    We wound up getting 6 amazing volunteers who sat up in the timing tower to time each car out on the track for both hot sessions.

    Please see attached manually calculated results which are currently listed as "Preliminary" due to the fact it is not in our official format. The numbers are expected to hold but it will take some time to brute force it into the timing system to churn in the OTA standard format. (LINK GOES LIVE AT MIDNIGHT - JUNE 5th)

    Chief Timer's Notes:
    - Only two 'hot' competition sessions were squeezed into the afternoon.
    - Times were recorded to 1/100th using a stopwatch on each timing volunteer and recorded.
    - Best time was taken per hot session and provided to timer for records for that hot session.
    - Best time between both hot sessions was recorded for final scoring.
    - ONLY times from official timing volunteers were accepted. No other timing method was accepted to remain fair to all competitors.

    Thanks for understanding and being patient with us.

    Kevin Wong
    2020 OTA Chief Timer
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    Kevin Wong
    GT3 / STR / C-Stock Plus Honda S2000 #111
    2020 OTA Chief Timer