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  • FRS or BRZ

    I am already planning for next year and since the BadGer Racing Passat will be dedicated to enduro racing, I was contemplating my options of jumping into another track car next year.

    Since my better half really likes the Toyota FRS in candy red, I thought this would be a good way of taking care of satisfying oneself on two fronts, because as you know one of the ways of going faster is keeping your spouse happy when you spend all that time and money tracking!

    Michael Tan's latest creation, (listed below) shows obviously this is a great platform for tracking, but also he and his better half Dora also tracks one! I actually took out one of my students cars for instruction and was surprised how nimble it was.

    So looking for feedback on this from OTA competitor's who are familiar with the platform to help me decide.

    Looking forward to your comments which will help me choose between a BRZ or FRS and things which would help are..

    1. BRZ or FRS whats the difference in performance if any? Why do you like it?
    2. What is the best year?
    3. What are common problems?
    4. Problems to watch for on a used one
    5. Any good cars ready for sale that you know of?
    6. Anything else to consider when getting into these cars, good or bad?

    Thanks in advance!

    PM if you want to keep your comments private too!

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