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  • Brake pad recommendation

    This is my first year doing track days/time attack. I'll be using a bone stock 2007 Honda Fit as my "track car".

    Since I'm new I don't think my driving skills will exceed the limits of my car, so I'm not looking for ultra high performance parts.
    I just want to be safe and I'd like my running costs to match my skill level: low.

    What does everyone recommend as a minimum for brake pads for track and street use?
    Can I get away with a new set of stock rotors or should I get slotted ones?
    What about brake fluid? I've been told Motul 600 is enough, but others recommend Castrol SRF
    The rears are drum brakes, I think I can leave those stock.

    Once I get the brakes sorted I'll start thinking about tires.

    Any recommendations and insights are appreciated.


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    Castrol SRF is excellent fluid but likely not necessary at your stage. Considering that you have a Fit and not a lot of hp, you can probably get away with a combination type pad like the Hawk 5.0. I have no experience with this pad but it is supposed to be able to handle a fair bit of heat but still be streetable.

    No need for slotted rotors at this stage and definitely avoid cross drilled ones.
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      Hi Alex,

      I suggest Motul RBF600 as plenty good enough for a daily and track use. My S2000 saw two fluid changes per year (start and end) and I never saw any performance degradation. Yes, it's true that Motul sucks up water easily but the wet boiling point is still a considerable improvement over the OEM stuff. Your stock power FIT is not going to generate enough heat to overwhelm the fluid on its properties unless you have some weird brake cooling issue. Given they run Fit Cup cars with no real ducting, I'd say you're good.

      As for pads, the Hawks suggested are good. Carbotech or GLoc 8s are the next step up but they will squeal (read: race car noises!) and can be had at XIII Motorsports (OTA sponsor).


      Kevin Wong
      Kevin Wong
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