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2022 Automoves OTA Season - Event #4 - TMP

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  • 2022 Automoves OTA Season - Event #4 - TMP

    Good evening everyone!

    Event #4 at TMP has come and gone and here are the following details and quick summary:

    Event Notes:
    - 63 registered competitors, 59 active cars for competition day
    - New gridding system (live grid sheets published on a publicly accessible Google Spreadsheet) was a success. No reported issues so far.
    - 3 hot sessions targeted for delivery but with the new track optimization math in play, we managed to deliver FOUR hot sessions delivered. First three hot sessions had 3 hot laps each, fourth hot session only had two hot laps. Thank you to everyone for working with our new gridding system - this was THE event to uphold the OTA standard to! We still had over half an hour after the event to have plenty of open lapping for those who didn't have enough driving!
    - Competitors were very well behaved with no one causing a delay of event. Thank you very much to everyone for cooperating!

    Official Results for Event #4 here:
    Official Laptimes for Event #4 here:
    CASC-OR Time Attack Director