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    For a number of years, Jay Fieger has brought in various sponsors for awards and give aways at regional race events. He has setup a program with Shoeless Joe's Restuarants, as described in his post below.
    Originally posted by jay fieger View Post

    OK here goes

    Pass the word

    Shoeless Joe's Restaurants is offering to EVERY CASC race team a sponsorship package
    It goes like this
    Each Team will down load the attached 2 forms

    Registration Cover Page
    Registration Form

    Fill it out
    Take it to your "Home" Shoeless Joe's. Defined as the one of your choosing.
    Every time you visit that Shoeless Joe's 10% of your food spending will go into a kitty for your team to spend on a year end Team party or event.
    In addition, 5% will be sent to CASC for the drivers fund to be awarded as prize money at the end of the season.

    From Saturday March 31 to Saturday April 7 is Shoeless Joe's week. Get your sign up sheet done, visit a Shoeless Joe's. Or just visit.
    Thank them for being race fans and for sponsoring CASC Teams, even when your not at your "Home" Shoeless Joe's

    Be nice, they don't have to do this.....

    The more they see and hear from every team and fan the bigger this will get.
    God's Shoeless Joe's
    For more details or questions, please contact Jay Fieger.
    Nick Majors