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Classified / For Sale Rules and Policy

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  • Classified / For Sale Rules and Policy

    This Classified - For Sale section of the CASC forums is provided for the "private" sale of individual items by users.

    CASC sponsors who post threads and offers here - will in future be directed to our new Sponsor Product and Service Specials area.
    (Sponsors can contact me by Private Messaging for details and procedures)

    Advertising or promotions by non-sponsors is discouraged in all forums.

    Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
    Nick Majors

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    Re: Classified / For Sale Rules and Policy

    Updated For Sale Rules - Effective immediately

    a. Classifieds need all information. Price, Condition, Name, Picture, etc.

    b. You may only bump your posts once every 7 days

    c. No creating new classified thread to artificially bump your thread

    d. No replying to FOR SALE ads (general and full cars), please contact the seller by pm or email for the transaction. This includes "nice car bumps"

    e. Replies are OKAY for “Want To Buy ads”

    f. Buyer beware. CASC is not responsible for any transactions that take place here. When buying or selling, you should meet in-person to see the product and
    exchange funds. Meet in a public place with many people around, such as a coffee shop. And never transfer funds to Nigeria, or accept a Western Union transfer.

    g. No signatures with links or promoting businesses. This goes with the above rule that only registered vendors can promote their businesses on the forums.

    h. No commercial posts in classifieds. You must be a registered vendor. This includes "I perpetually have 2 in stock" posts.

    i. No posting of links to other sites, if you cannot take the time to fill in all the details here, then you really are not motivated.
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