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15" Bridgestone S0-3's/Re010's Cheap!

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  • 15" Bridgestone S0-3's/Re010's Cheap!

    I have two different types of tire for sale.

    SO-3's 195/50ZR15

    I have quite a few of these and they vary in tread depth. They are around $25-$50/each depending. Great for the auto-X or for a cheap lapping tire!

    RE101 195/50ZR15

    I also have quite a few of these. They are all around 30% tread depth and are around $25/each. Again, great for auto-X or lapping.

    Message me for more details or e-mail me at . I'm willing to negotiate depending on what tires you want, and its first come first served. You will have a better selection to choose from if you purchase sooner rather then later as all tires are not in the exact same condition.


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    Can you e mail me?
    Please include your location!


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      let me guess, you work for the bridgestone racing academy?


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        Do you still have any left?,do you ever come up north-say near huntsville?.
        I might be interested in a couple sets of decent ones-boy drifting is hard on tires!! (did a practice on monday on the kart track-20 minutes ate what was left of my yoks and they blew apart)


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          let me guess, you work for the bridgestone racing academy?
          I used to, yes.. Good guess. These tires were supposed to be used on my lapping car but it never got done and is sold now.

          Max attack. Yes I still do have a few left.. S0-3's are just about done and Re010's are almost gone aswell. There is still some good sets left.


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            I'm interested for sure but getting to markam is going to be tough with my current schedule,any way of meeting halfway-say barrie?.


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              That might be a little difficult as I don't have full time use of a car right now. I wish I would have known sooner as I was just in Barrie yesterday. Is there any other way you could make it down. I would prefer that you see the tires first anyway.


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                Why don't you PM me your # and we can talk.