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F.S. AE86 Stuff Toyota Corolla GTS

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  • F.S. AE86 Stuff Toyota Corolla GTS

    I'm selling a bunch of AE86 stuff

    everything from interiors down to just the shell

    I got too much to list

    yes, I am selling the stitch welded shell, and I have drop the price to $2500

    I have 20v engine, just engine
    extra 16v engine

    have a coupe shell laying around too

    Gunmetal Supra rims with 4 Toyo T1S, and guys, don't low ball me on this one man

    2 16v engine heads
    1 disassemble block

    wheels (originals aluminium)
    oil coolers, climate control
    Factory LSD
    Kouki Refinished Rear Diffcase,
    16v ecu and harness
    doors, hatch, hood
    CF Hood
    Refinished front suspension componensts
    Refinished front cross member
    rear passenger glass
    kouki lights,

    and a AE86 coupe

    ok I got too much to list, just pm me whatever you want and the price that you're willing to pay, and I'll try to compromise your price instead

    I also have a part car Eagle Summit for you guys who wants to do a Evo3 conversion

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    I'd like info on the Summit. What model? What trimline? Engine? Pics?

    Where are you located?

    - J


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      Re: F.S. AE86 Stuff Toyota Corolla GTS

      Originally posted by Tommi Tiardi
      Factory LSD
      Where are you?


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        Don't worry Dougie-I'm right here!!


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          Ya got yourself some mail


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            You'll have a tough time selling parts if you don't reply to your mail!


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              maybe he's got time to afford unlike you or I


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                Maybe your right Lafora-He's got some good stuff,most interested in another corolla as a second street car perhaps.
                Are you going to the drift day at mosport next saturday?.


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                  nope. i unloaded everything i have already.
                  took me 2 months yes, but finally all gone.

                  only time i might show up at mosport this year is prolly for the kart races.


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                    hey tom

                    I'd be interested in the doors and hatch depending on the shape of em, and also the factory lsd, get back to me. I'm currently waiting on my factory service manual. Anyone have one they could lend to a fellow hachi owner for a couple of days or anyone up for lending on a hand installing a motor for a case of beer or what not? located in Etobicoke. thanks

                    I'm mike, stefan(red neon) and peter's(blue wrx) little (well pretty big) brother just to let ya put a face to a name. talk to ya all soon.
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                      Hi Stefan,sounds like you found an engine eh?I hope this guy replies to his post some day-I also pm'd him from his post on driftnation with no results.
                      If your looking for a diff be wary of factory lsd's,most are in need of a rebuild and for the cost of buying the unit and having it rebuilt you can nearly have a new 4 pinion aftermarket unit.
                      Try Greg at whitehead performance(416-665-2220)as he had a bunch of new/used trd stuff for ae86's,might be all gone now but he seems to have sources for the stuff.Might be worth a call,remember all trd units require 1985 axel's(1 mill smaller)while aftermarket units will work with all axel's.
                      Then again you likely know all this already.....btw these engine's are a snap to change,uncork the exhaust and wiring,remove driveshaft,6 tranny bolts-drop tranny(can do it by myself on my back in about 1/2 hour)remove 2 engine mount bolts and hoist away!!.(I had my fresh engine lose a rod bearing at the 3rd event in 2003-rebuilt again before the 4th!)


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                        sounds all good man, by the way I'm mike, my bro's are stefan and peter, sorry for the typo. I had a question, my car has checkman race springs, good stance but way too soft. I will be going to either coilovers or trd race springs in the future. My tires rub in the front now, if i got camber plates and gave it about 1.5 to 2 degrees of negative camber would i clear my rubbing issues?. Plus going for a adjustable lateral rod to centre my diff because my left side is lower than the right due to the stock ones angle now. I got my factory manual on ebay, won the bid but have to send a money order so it will be a couple of days. hiope to have it running very soon. anyways see ya guys. talk to ya all later.


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                          not all TRD units require 85 axles. That's misinfo.

                          85 cars need 85 units

                          86-87 cars need "kouki" units (late model units)

                          it's not the length that's different, it's the number of splines

                          you need to shave axles regardless of what year you have w/ TRD LSDs anyway.

                          as far as rubbing goes, if you run 195-60/14, u'll rub no matter what camber.

                          go 185/60 or 185/55


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                            With rubbing in the front I assume your using the 14x7 supra's?haven't tried those to say about fitment but I believe they are 0 offset and rub easily.
                            For my car I built negative offset roll center correction blocks so my front track is wider by about 1" per side,I also built camber plates and run between 2.5 and 3 degrees camber.With 15x7 kosei's and 205 race tires I have never rubbed a fender even at full lock and big bumps.
                            The rear ride height shouldn't be different(side to side) because of the stock lateral rod-it simply locates the rearend side to side.BTW mines is still stock and with coilovers all around I can go pretty low(but don't because of shock travel)and haven't had any issue's at all with rearend being off center-come to mosport this saturday and look at mine if you like.
                            Have you thought about spring rates for the coilover conversion?I've been running 550lb front and playing around at the rear with between 280lb(when using street tires)and up to 500lb when running race tires.The car is pretty good with this set-up with great turn in and a little understeer at the limit.Today I pulled out the 550's and swapped in 350's and put the 550's in the rear,with the front that stiff I wasn't getting enough weight transfer to the front to unload the rear to get a drift going prior to getting into the throttle-thats my theory anyways(besides I have to use a street tire for drifting so I should be able to soften).
                            I'll be trying it out tomorow night at my secret little test track ,if its too squirrly I can swap in a set of 450's in the rear in about 5 minutes.I can let you know how the test goes if your interested.
                            Good luck with the engine install.


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                              CMR springs w/ supras will rub unless you run 185/55/14 tires. i didn't try 185/60, but i rubbed like a madman when i had 195/60 on there.

                              supra wheels are +8 offset.