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For Sale - 1999 Dodge Cummins 3500 Dually

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  • For Sale - 1999 Dodge Cummins 3500 Dually

    Hello All,

    My father bought a new truck to haul his 5th wheel trailer with, so he's selling his current truck. It's located about 45 minutes north of CTMP, near Milbrook, Ontario. Here are details:

    - Good Body, Certified.
    - 250,000 km mileage
    - $8,000 in modifications made to the truck
    - 300 HP, 600 ft/lbs torque at the wheels, 6 speed manual transmission
    - Exhaust Brake
    - Was being used to tow a 39 ft, 12,000 lbs. 5th wheel trailer
    - Comes with a 16K 5th wheel trailer hitch
    - MBRP Stainless Steel Exhaust

    He's asking $13,000 for the truck. For those that know my father - Ron Evans - they know that he keeps his vehicles in very good condition and this is the truck he has been driving around CTMP for the last 10 or so years.

    Please email me at colene.allen(at) for my father's contact information. He doesn't do text, cell, or email. He's an 81 year old landline phone call kind of guy :-)
    Colene Allen
    SCCA Detroit Region Scrutineer
    Freelance Motorsport Writer