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FS: "Mugen" RSX Type-S Part Out

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  • FS: "Mugen" RSX Type-S Part Out

    Parting out my Mugen themed RSX. My lifestyle has changed drastically in the last 2 years and this thing doesn't seem to fit anymore.

    I want to try and sell the larger parts locally to avoid shipping. If you're interested in anything, please PM me or shoot an e-mail to I'm not on facebook so please feel free to share a link to this thread.

    I'm located in Caledon, but most of the parts are in Markham.

    JDM DC5R Fender Liners with Brake Ducts - $200
    A-Spec/Modulo Side Skirts in SSM (brand new) - $300
    02-04 JDM DC5R Rear Bumper with Lip - $250
    JDM Clear Side Markers w/ Pigtail Harness (brand new) - $80
    Ganador Super Mirror (Blue Lens, Powered) - $1000 [PENDING]
    02-04 Mugen Side Skirts - $1000
    Mugen Adjustable Rear Wing - $1500

    JDM DC5R Door Sills - $100
    JDM DC5R Seat Rails - $300
    JDM DC5R Black Door Panels - $200
    JDM DC5R Rear Seats - $125
    02-04 JDM DC5R Gauge Cluster (90K) - $100
    ARC Titanium Shift Knob - $300 [PENDING]
    Mugen Racing III Steering Wheel - $400
    Mugen Steering Boss Hub - $1000
    Mugen e-Brake Handle Cover (Red Stitching) - $250 [PENDING]
    Mugen e-Brake Handle Cover (Blue Stitching), Brand new with box - $250
    Mugen N1 Dead Pedal (Brand New, only test fit) - $100 [PENDING]
    Mugen Seat Stay Kit (only 1 side) - $500
    Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover (chrome) - $100

    DBA 5000 Series 2-Piece Slotted Rotors for JDM DC5 Brembo - $400
    JDM DC5R Drive Shafts - $200
    Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Coilover Suspension - $1200
    J's Racing Tie Rods (outers are blown, can be replaced with Ktuned ones) - $100
    Mugen Front Lower Control Arms - $400 [PENDING]
    Mugen Front Sway Bar - $300 [PENDING]
    Mugen Rear Sway Bar - $300 [PENDING]
    Mugen Front Upper Strut Bar - $250
    Mugen Steering Rack Reinforced Bushing Set (Brand new) - $80
    Mugen Heptagonal Lug Nut Set - $150
    Mugen MF10 17x9", +43mm Offset, Bronze incl. black center caps. Re-issue version, brand new in boxes - $5500

    JDM DC5R K20A Long Block. Unknown kms, but very clean with good compression (have videos of test on each cylinder). Plan was to send out for a refresh and Honda HOA/Mugen N1 build, but never got around to it. $3500
    JDM DC5R K20A Transmission with Mugen LSD. Recently cracked open and checked, everything was in mint shape, unknown kms on tranny, very little kms on diff. - $2500 [PENDING]
    Exedy Stage 1 Clutch & Pressure Plate (approx. 5,000kms) - $200
    Exedy Lightweight Flywheel (approx. 5,000kms) - $300
    OEM RDX Injectors - $250
    K-Tuned Tucked Throttle Cable - $50
    K-Tuned Tucked Power Steering Line - $150
    Mugen Engine Motor Mounts - $200
    Mugen Gen 3 Oil Cap (Gold) - $100 [PENDING]
    Mugen Gen 1 Carbon Plug Cover - $600
    Mugen Orange Resevoir Covers (used, 1 missing logo) - $20 [PENDING]
    Mugen White Resevoir Covers (new) - $50
    Mugen Gas Cap Cover - $60 [PENDING]
    Mugen Oil Filter (new) - $40
    Mugen Air Intake Box w/ Custom Aluminum Intake Arm & Bolt Boys Aluminum Hardware - $500
    Mugen Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe w/ Cat - $1500
    Mugen Twin Loop Cat Back Exhaust System - $700
    Mugen Head Gasket (new) - $200
    Mugen Radiator Cap - $30

    02-04 JDM DC5R HID Headlights - [SOLD]
    JDM Honda Access Window Visors (used, bought new last year) - [SOLD]
    JDM Front Rebar - [SOLD]
    JDM Rear Rebar - [SOLD]
    JDM Amber Side Markers - [SOLD]
    Acura TL Horns - [SOLD]
    Mugen Carbon Hood - [SOLD]
    02-04 Mugen Front Bumper - [SOLD]
    Mugen Tow Hooks (F&R, Used) - [SOLD]
    Mugen License Plate Bolts (5 pairs) - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Red Carpet - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Red Floor Mats - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Center Console - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R e-Brake Handle - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Pedal Assembly w/ Dead Pedal - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Red Door Panels - [SOLD]
    Radio Trim Bezel with S2000 Start Button - [SOLD]
    Rear View Mirror with Vision x ICB Wide Angle Lens - [SOLD]
    Buddy Club Low Seat Rails/Sliders (pair) - [SOLD]
    Mugen S1-R Bucket Seats (pair) - [SOLD]
    JDM DC5R Brembo Brake Assembly with DBA 5000 Series 2-Piece Slotted front Rotors & Hawk HPS Brake Pads. Includes front knuckles, rear trailing arms, calipers (spray painted black), Goodrich Stainless lines - [SOLD]
    Mugen SS Suspension Assembly (incl. spare rear shock) - [SOLD]
    Skunk2 Rear Lower Tie Bar - [SOLD]
    Mugen Rear Mid Bar - [SOLD]
    Mugen MF10 17x9", +43mm Offset, Bronze incl. black center caps. Re-issue version, mint condition, used for 2000kms. Wrapped with Falken Azenis RT-615 235/40/17 tires, used for 2000kms - [SOLD]
    USDM 05-06 RSX-S K20Z1 Long Block - [SOLD]
    K-Tuned Tucked Engine Harness - [SOLD]
    K-Tuned Fuel Rail (Black) and Tucked Lines - [SOLD]
    K-Tuned Tucked Brake Booster Line - [SOLD]
    REVO Short Shifter (fixed) - [SOLD]
    Comptech Shifter Box Bushings - [SOLD]
    K-Tuned Shifter Box Pivot Ball & Spring Kit (brand new) - [SOLD]
    Mugen Gen 1.5 Oil Cap (Silver, Missing Decal) - [SOLD]
    Mugen HOA ECU - $600 [SOLD]

    _dsc9769edits_43511675702_o by Vincent Harjono, on Flickr

    _dsc9761edits_28671119117_o by Vincent Harjono, on Flickr

    _dsc9746edits_43511681892_o by Vincent Harjono, on Flickr

    _dsc9705edits_29687075408_o by Vincent Harjono, on Flickr

    _dsc9747edits_28671123207_o by Vincent Harjono, on Flickr
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    Re: FS: "Mugen" RSX Type-S Part Out

    Any exterior pics available? Is interior still in vehicle?


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      Re: FS: "Mugen" RSX Type-S Part Out

      Originally posted by Davo85 View Post
      Any exterior pics available? Is interior still in vehicle?
      The car is still in one piece at the moment. The buyer interested in the shell is taking it pretty bare, none of the JDM ITR interior goodies (no carpet, mats, door panels, seats, etc.)


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        Re: FS: "Mugen" RSX Type-S Part Out


        Anyone need engines or a tranny?