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For Sale G-Analyst, 7 1/4 inch saw, Front Wheel Drive Racing Book for free

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  • For Sale G-Analyst, 7 1/4 inch saw, Front Wheel Drive Racing Book for free

    G-Analyst, like new, with box, instruction and it includes a supplemental additional book, all parts and wires. This was one of the first data acquisition and display inventions for amateur racers and especially Solo Competitors. The new technology now is mind blowing but at a different price point. This would be useful for a racer but works even better in the Solo environment. It can output to a laptop with a data cable (which I do not have). $20

    Montgomery Ward 7 1/4 inch electric saw with Carbide blade. Older, somewhat ugly, functional and solid, no bearing or gear scream, good performer for a racer who does not want home maintenance expenses get in the way of competition. Only caution is the design is "old school" without the big "knob" for the left hand to hold onto. I feel lost without the "knob" but I am old and I have always used a saw with a knob, you probably will be fine with it if you are a new user or just doing small jobs. $10


    Front Wheel Drive Racing Book Lots of Good Advice FREE

    Located in North York, north of the 401

    Reply through the Forum or by cell (and leave a message if you get voice mail) at 416 five two five forty nine eleven

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