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  • WTB: Magnetic Numbers

    I would like 2 sets of magnetic numbers for autocrossing so I can avoid having to shoe polish my car every event. If anyone knows of a good place to get some printed up, please let me know. I can provide graphics in whatever format is required.

    I was thinking something like this looks nice:

    Thanks a lot!

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    Mad Mac's Communications and Graphics is a Solo sponsor and they do vinyl work/magnetic work. Check them out.

    You should get them to do somethign like this?

    Thats one I made for my S2000.

    However the format that I'm doing for some guys in my club (including myself with my MR2 is about 10" high and will probably be about 18" wide. Same font/design and all.) Should look pretty good.
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      Ahh yes I remember I'd heard that name before .. there's also a charge on my credit card from them for the Solo 2 school

      That looks quite nice on your car. I do want to have individual numbers though as I haven't yet registered for the Regional Championship nor the PITL one ... and if I go to any other events I will need to put up different numbers. Plus I don't really know the exact class of my car yet .. maybe B-2 or B-1 (stock).

      I will get in touch with them. Thanks a lot.


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        Yeah I hear you there. I haven't decided what to do about a "generic" plate that I can carry with me to non-registered events. Probably just a hollowed out middle with white letters or something. Magnet on Magnet doesn't feel like it'll be strong enough. I'll have to try it.
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          You could try the 7 segment "cheapo" style.

          Here's what I did:

          Obviously... works better on dark cars. Just get some scrap magnetic vinyl from a sign maker and cut them up into pieces that will make up a 7 segment number. Very cheap and I can use numbers from 0-199 on 3 places on my car (2 doors and hood).
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