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    for sale 1986 corolla gts(rwd)race car,currently competing in "B" superstock regional solo 2,would make a great solo 1/2 regional road racer etc.Mods include stripped and painted interior,fire wall,fuel cell,external fuel pump,show quality paint,fully adjustable front suspension,coilovers etc,trd rear springs,all new bushings,ball joints,tie rods etc,brake balance controller,new rotors all around,hawk pads,fresh engine,centerforce clutch,kosei k1 wheels(15x7)plus spare parts car!!can deliver if needed.
    The car is fun and reliable,5 regional wins to date plus club ftd's,must sell to make room for next project.
    Asking $5000cdn but will consider all offers,car will be competing in regional event this weekend in Peterbough.

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    you got any spare parts? interested in those


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      is this the metallic copper/orange car? post pics


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        solo car for sale

        I have a parts car thats mostly complete minus engine and transmission,body is toast but the interior is black and in good condition other than that I don't have alot laying around.Because I race one of these I keep my eyes open for them,I know of 3 corolla gts parked in peoples driveways not being driven,let me know what your looking for maybe I can help.
        And to anwser roo,yes this car is the copper corolla cone crusher/nuclear butterscotch whatever you want to call it.I will try to post some pics,why not head to the regional event at the douro arena on sunday in peterbough and have a close up look?


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          thx for the reply.

          need the rear speakers grill (whole piece for a hatch), rear hatch hydrolic uprights, passenger side door, and driver side power mirror


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            Hi lafora,my parts car is a coupe so I can't help you out with anything other the power mirrors if you still need them.I don't know where your located but if you were going to mosport on the 12th for the top gun shootout I can bring them with me,I will let you have'em for free since I'm a nice guy that doesn't need them.
            Just let me know so I have time to remove them.


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              12th's prolly out for me. i work retail and weekends are usually no good

              but if you pop by town..i'll treat you to a reasonably priced dinner plus we can talk shop or something.

              got tons of 4AG stuff to ask ppl

              lemme know


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                Here is a couple of pic's of the Butterscotch Corolla.

                1991 Accord
                2000 Prelude H22A DOHC VTEC Swap
                5-Speed conversion
                Neuspeed Race Springs
                Falken Azenis


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                  GTS Stuff

                  Ice/Solo Racer, who are you? Need to talk. I have a GTS power-trained Starlet that I am learning about/ looking for spare parts. I hopefully will be doing Regional next, if not Solo 1 again after a two year hiatus. One thing that I am looking for is the specs(offset) on some 7" x 13" rims(cheap- per my web moniker) . The current 6" with 205/60x13 are not optimal. Also may need some drive shafts.


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                    Hi budget racer,my names Tom Smith from huntsville,I competed with my corolla in the regional series class BSS.Lucky enough to win the class title.I should have an extra driveshaft from corolla gts,probably still under my parts car.
                    Are you planning on running the starlet in solo 2,cause with the engine swap you will be stuck in B mod.I don't have any rims other than some factory 14x6s(ugly AND heavy!)
                    You can check,that site has lots of useful info and parts for sale,also lots of contacts.
                    Let me know if I can help with anything else etc.