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Toyo RR tire life (wear dots)?

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  • Toyo RR tire life (wear dots)?


    I've run my first set of RR's down near the end of their life. They have certainly lost their speed advantage but in some of our regional races I can still get by with them as long as there's rubber. The outside wear dots are almost gone after 26 heat cycles. I flipped the tires on the wheels after 14 cycles so the wear is somewhat consistent inside to outside. Flipping changed the "recommended mounting" but I have not seen any sign of tread splices or any other negative effect of running them "backwards".
    So, what kind of life are you getting out of them?
    Please help.

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    Re: Toyo RR tire life (wear dots)?

    i don't know about other users, but if you got 26 HC's out of them i'd say "job well done"!
    22-24 is what I've understood to be the expected life of them. But it depends on the track surface. I race at Gimli, MB and the track is rough, there is no rubber on the track. On my last set i got 3 T/A days out them, 6 sessions per day and roughly 5 timed laps per session, i rotated them after each event and flipped the fronts half way through each day (the track is left turn dominant). The 3 morning sessions are close together (1/2 hr apart max) and the rim never goes below 130F, so i'm not sure if that counts as a true heat cycle. So 30 timed laps from a set of tires...

    i get the tread splice separation showing up on the rears only. i have a RWD car and it shows up at the first session. putting rears on the front help mitigate the spread, but i had the first set go a full 3/32 into the tire, and Toyo replaced those 2 free of charge - so Thank you Toyo - thats the biggest reason i keep buying these tires.

    Mine rub the shoulders off right away, the slick surface that extends over the shoulder down the sidewall gets used and the indicator on the surface is a shadow when one of the fronts starts to show cords. i blew a valve core last weekend as well, not sure if it was the rim temp or a bad core, but i am using the bolt in valve stems now...i run 38psi hot on average.

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