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Nice to meet some of you today (sat @ fabi)

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  • Nice to meet some of you today (sat @ fabi)

    esp the gentleman that was piloting the FD RX7 (caught me in the corolla in no time )

    think after seeing some of you today, it'll be a few years before i'll try solo

    just too hardcore :P almost no one was on street tires

    but it was definitely an eye opener on the difference of skill level..granted i only saw 2 guys w/ my eyes (ken and andrew)...but they are FASTER than most if not all of the people i've seen run lapping days

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    Big eye opener huh?


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      it was in a sense that i finally got to appreciate the speed of u guys

      i've seen some solo guys run last year at the DDT in one of Ian Law's open lap days. i wasn't into the hobby then so i had no idea how fast you guys were.

      i do now


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        check the some of the lap times.

        Ken's RSX and Anderws RX7 are 2 of the more prepared cars in SOLO, they usually finish in the bottom end of the top 10 fastest times of the day. Both are very good drivers.

        BTW, i'm the fellow with the black 87 CRX Si, we talked for about 30 secounds


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          i remember who you are as well

          tho i didn't get to see you lap

          oh season