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  • Air compressor features

    I want a compressor to use with the air jack on my car.
    And for changing the wheels.
    I do not know the differentences with units that have max PSI, HP, tank capacity.
    What do I need
    More PSI?
    More HP?
    Bigger tank?

    Any experience would be appreciated.

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    You should be able to work back from the tool(s) you want to use with it. They'll have a CFM rating at a specific PSI, then you have to make sure the compressor can handle that. The compressor I have in the garage is a basic 8 gallon one, it works great for an impact gun, filling tires, etc, but struggles with a die grinder. I have to use it in short bursts or the pressure drops faster than it can fill the tank. A bigger tank will help that, but depends on the tool usage if it'll be sufficient or not.

    You also have to make sure it'll run on the power source you have, the really big ones need 220v. If you're going to run it off a generator you'll need to make sure it doesn't need more amperage than the generator can happily handle.

    Mine is an older version of this one: Not sure about the air jack requirements, but it'll easily run the impact gun.