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Car hauler/trailer recommendation..

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  • Car hauler/trailer recommendation..

    I was looking into potentially getting a car hauler/trailer to take my NA miata to/from track days. The tow vehicle would be a VW Touareg (gas) with a 7700 lb rating. Any thoughts or suggestions on this particular trailer?

    Priced at $3000

    I was going to call them to confirm if it has any brakes on the trailer, as the ad does not specifically say..

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    Ramp style is important.

    can door of car open over fenders

    can fender come off for loading

    can you add tire rack easily.

    room for locking storage box for tools.

    add rear fold down jacks to keep trailer level when loading.
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      Originally posted by Doug P View Post

      add rear fold down jacks to keep trailer level when loading.

      Never thought about this one... thanks.


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        Good points above. Ensuring the door of the Miata clears the wheel housing is critical. A tire rack at the front of the trailer is really nice. My first trailer didn't have that, but it was stolen and replaced with one that did. It really frees up space in the tow vehicle.

        The box on the tow bars at the very front is great for storing blocks of wood and bungie cords.

        I've had to build ramp extenders out of 2x8's for the lowered race car. So you need to strap them on the trailer if you need them.

        I'd go for the open diamond plate over the solid wood so you don't have to clean up fluid leaks from the trailer bed!

        I was always jealous of the folks showing up in the morning, unloading their cars, and jumping on the track while I was changing brakes and tires. Then once I got the trailer, I realized that they had been up all night getting the car ready!
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