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72 Datsun Carbs

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  • 72 Datsun Carbs

    Anyone here have experience with SU carbs or know any good mechanics that can help.

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    Maybe you could track someone down thru VARAC. Lots of vintage British cars used SUs.
    Another quality post from Black Dwarf Racing


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      Thanks for the tip. I will look into it.


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        Careful, can you get it running yourself?
        Square top ones are a challenger because of emission compromises but the Series 1 and early series 2 round top's are OK. Check Youtube and Google first, (do not believe the first post you read, get a consensus), read a Haynes manual, check and see if there is dirt, bent needles (if the PO who was a gorilla), sandpaper marks (see next sentence) or gross wear. If you want to clear the slides, use carb solvent and patience, not sandpaper which will remove the metal and create vacuum leaks. Any lawnmower carb is more complex than an SU. Balancing (to a drivable condition) is less complex than it seems, Perfection with 48 year old carbs may be hard to achieve without a full rebuild and rebushing.

        Greg Whitehead (Whitehead Performance) have specialized in Z's for many years, I only used him occasionally but was always satisfied. Ontario Z Car club and forum is also a good resource. Are you trying to get it on the track or just take a first drive?


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          Thanks i'll try these out.
          Just trying to get the car running right first.