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Class 2 Hitch vs Class 3 Hitch

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  • Class 2 Hitch vs Class 3 Hitch

    Hey Gang,

    Just bought an 05 ranger, my current car (well going back now) was an 02 sebring with a class 2 hitch, not exactly sure if I can just swap it out onto the ranger. The web looks like it says ranger need a class 3 hitch.

    I mean if im not pulling the weight of a class 3 why do I need it?

    If thats the case I guess my class 2 hitch will be for sale, ideally would like to just swap it over.

    Any thoughts on how this can be easy as possible.

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    Re: Class 2 Hitch vs Class 3 Hitch

    Your Sebring hitch won't swap over.

    Class 2 hitches are good for 3500 lbs towing max.

    The class 3 hitch for your truck with 2"x2" drawbar is rated at 3500 lbs as well but with a weight distribution system you can pull up to 6000 lbs depending on whose hitch you buy.

    Price is about $50 more for the class 3. Most class 3 hitches come without the drawbar. Expect to pay $25-$50 for this part.

    Here's a link to the Reese website for more info. You can get their hitches from Canadian Tire. Just give the parts staff the part number.
    Jeff Lehmann, Burlington ON
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      Re: Class 2 Hitch vs Class 3 Hitch

      Hey Eug FV1200
      will your name switch over to ?(door)