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Arbour press; ball joint

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  • Arbour press; ball joint

    Looks like I need to do the ps ball joint. Are there any shops that will press in/out the old/new ball joints in the gta(west-mississauga) for a reasonable fee?

    Or if you have any other recommendations that may help getting it in/out.
    99 328i

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    Re: Arbour press; ball joint

    DIY isnt too hard I think atleast on my little honda, removing it from the knuckle was a little diffcult. Spray some liquid wrench first, then I removed mine with a BFH and a vice grip, and installed with a balljoint remover/installer from Princess Auto.
    A friend of mine who works at Honda told me mechanics there rarely use press for balljoints, mostly air chisel for removal and hammer for install.