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Scales in Mississauga?

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  • Scales in Mississauga?

    Does anyone know of any weigh stations in Mississauga, that are either free or don't charge much (preferably in the West end of the city)... need to get my car weighed tonight so that it can be properly classified...

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Re: Scales in Mississauga?

    There's 2 sets of CAT scales that I know of.....

    One set is at Dixie and 401, north of the highway on the west side.

    The other set is on Kennedy, between Britania and Derry on the east side. I think its right next to the Husky gas station.

    I have no idea on the cost.


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      Re: Scales in Mississauga?

      Just did a quick google:

      Both are owned by the same operator...Dixie is 905-565-9090, Kennedy is 905-565-9548


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        Re: Scales in Mississauga?

        If the car is streetable, you can go to the Peel region household waste disposal site just off Erin Mills Parkway around Battleford in Mississauga. they weigh your car going in and then again when leaving to figure out how much to charge. It used to be the first 100 kg dropped off was free. Just ask the attendant on the way out, how much do I weigh? I have done this many times in a number of different vehicles (except they didn't admit cube vans).


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          Re: Scales in Mississauga?

          I found free scales on my one lap of canada trip they were cool to use.. it was a truck weigh station that had an outside reading on it and was left on with no one around...

          too bad it was just north of regina

          Perry has scales and can quickly wiegh your car if your interested. but he's north of the city.
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