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Better Gas Mileage - Less Cost to fill

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  • Better Gas Mileage - Less Cost to fill

    Ok so I read the "This is absurd" thread. BUT I had to write a new thread for there is a way to beat these prices.

    Change your driving habits!

    Yes we are all driving enthusiasts but consider what you can do to get optimum gas mileage.

    1. Tune your motor, ensure you have clean injectors.
    2. Proper tire pressure! Check weekly as winter is approaching and tire pressure decreases with the cold weather.
    3. DRIVE SLOWER! (But not 65 in an 80 zone!!)
    4. Shift earlier - lesser rpms lesser gas consumption.
    5. Cruise in a higher gear.

    - I drive the QEW from Burlington to Welland 4 days a week. 170km round trip. I have slowed down to 120 km/h months ago. I now drive 105-110 and average 39 MPG. (Not bad for a 95 GS-R with 210k kms). I am blown away by the fact that 98 % of the cars I encounter are passing me. I am in the slow lane. Every type of car goes by..... SUV's, Minivans, Rigs, Civics, EVERYTHING!

    If you slow down from 135 to 100 on the highway you will get easily 25% better gas mileage. When I was driving at 135 kmh with my GSR I was only getting 30 MPG.

    My 99 Subaru Forester gets only 24 mpg in the city (this is all city driving) but on a recent 800 km road trip which was 95% highway I got an amazing 37 mpg! I drove at 105 in the 100 zone and 85-90 in the 80 zone.

    Putting it simply if we drive smarter we can lessen the cost at the pumps by getting more kms from each tank. Hope this helps the high price blues
    Jeff Lehmann, Burlington ON
    2005 Outback
    2015 Soul

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    Re: Better Gas Mileage - Less Cost to fill

    So now I slowed my car to 100 -105 kmh. I stay in the slow lane. And imagine ther are actually some cars now doing the same.

    I now get 42 mpg!

    Thats 735 km on 50 litres of fuel.

    But the majority of people still go 115 -140 on the 4 series highways.

    Try slowing down and you will save on monthly fuel costs. On top of that many people I talk to drive less as well and what does that do??? Creates less sales for the oil campanies..... Maybe they will keep the price lower... aw who am I kidding that ain't gonna happen...

    2006 Honda Jazz avaialble Jan 2006 confirmed by Honda! 1.4 gas and possibly a 1.4tdi..... either way 60 plus MPG!!!
    Jeff Lehmann, Burlington ON
    2005 Outback
    2015 Soul


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      Re: Better Gas Mileage - Less Cost to fill

      I recently got 35MPG in my 1989 Sentra. The trip included mostly highway driving, with about 50KM of agressive city driving. Too bad it uses like 3 litres of fuel to move the temp gage off zero......

      I have a header to put on it with a new O2 sensor (this one is original). Hopefully I'll be able to get from Ottawa to Brampton and back on one tank going 110.

      Fortunately I live fairly close to school and the grocery store, so I have been cutting out unnecessary car trips and walking. Good excercise too.