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quest for the perfect garage?

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  • quest for the perfect garage?

    other than

    anyone have a list, or suggestions on what works or needed for a "perfect" garage?

    i saw this post... and its a wicked starting point

    Ideas for Workshop:

    - 30x30' minimum

    Features which require implementation during construction:
    - hard lined compressed air
    - CAT5E from house (hopefully less than 300' away)
    - Telephone from house
    - Cable from house
    - water (hot and cold) and washtub basin.
    - ceiling plugs for hanging retractable trouble lights
    - provisions for hoist in floor
    - Wiring for stereo
    - Insulated
    - Heat (natural gas)
    - 220V support
    - Air conditioning capable
    - bathroom (2 piece minimum, shower stall would be cool)
    - Block or concrete up two feet from floor so that washing floor with hose doesn't ruin drywall
    - central vac
    - exhaust removal port in garage door/wall
    - large door for potential to store enclosed trailer indoors
    - provisions for washer/dryer

    Concrete Floor:
    - cut to prevent unwanted cracking
    - smooth so that floor can be epoxy coated

    Features which require thought, but can be added later:
    - hoist
    - cabinets, counters
    - storage shelving
    - tire racks
    - washer/dryer
    - fridge (Gotta have beer and stuff for martinis!)

    Optional Ideas:
    - Ceiling fans
    - Floor drain (?)
    - power outtage generator support

    - security system wiring
    - burglar bars on windows
    - Full metal doors and metal door frames