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Fun with a digital camera....

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  • Fun with a digital camera....

    So, i took my digital camera with me when i went on a "field trip" with a couple of my friends to golden gate park and to a rave later that night...

    I took 88 pics....i LOVE digital cameras...i just want a bigger cf card for it...imagine, hundreds of pictures at a awesome...

    Anyway, i posted all of the pics online, and i would love some feedback for a few of em...

    The main directory for the pics is:

    check out the oakland party folder, it was a black lit party, and it really messed with the way the camera was taking pictures... Also, make sure to check out the fire folder. They had firedancers there, and some VERY cool stuff happened with the pictures...

    here are a couple of samples:

    there is one of a firedancer

    here is what happens to a digital camera in blacklighting:

    and one more:

    Borderline Motorsports 2000 A4 2.8 quattro United States Touring car--if i listed what we did, it would be no fun for our competitors...
    1983 UrQuattro-- MC engine, 1.8 bar, konis, 16x7.5 OZ wheels, strut brace, coilovers, koni yellow's, Brembo Big Red's, Tilton Dual Master Cylinder Brake System, Delrin Bushings, and this one is the street car....

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    Wow, those are seriously awesome!

    I saw stuff kind of like that when I did mushrooms.

    I'm the Lizard King...I can do anything.


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      I think it's new wallpaper time.
      I've soiled my knickers.