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WRX STi Intake hood scoop

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  • WRX STi Intake hood scoop

    Hey guys,

    For 2014 (yes, I plan ahead,) I'd like to run my Impreza 2.5RS in a modified class for autoslalom. We'll see which one later.

    While I can handle the suspension, brakes, etc. By myself, I just need a little advice.

    How does the WRX STi hoodscoop keep water out of the engine bay? I am really considering making a "top-mount" air intake, by using a WRX STi hood...

    Does anyone know how I can keep water out, without stopping the air-flow? Blocking up the hoodscoop with saran wrap, clearly, will disallow the air through, block, and choke the motor. There must be a better alternative, than blocking the air, to block the water/gravel/debris.
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    Re: WRX STi Intake hood scoop

    Heat rises so a top mount air intake isn't going to be pulling the coolest air possible. If you want a vent and not an intake you can turn the scoop around. It isn't a straight bolt on though.
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