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Differenyial for rwd sedan

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  • Differenyial for rwd sedan

    For my 510 I previously ran a "welded" diff. I don't think an "open" diff is the way to go. . Any insight from people running "TORSENs" or "QUAIFEs" ?
    What else fits a NISSAN R180 size diff case ? Thanks

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    Dave, we run a Torsen in our Panoz & soon-to-hit-the-track 1965 vintage Mustang. We ran a spool (welded differential) in our 1969 T/A Camaro, oversteer under power with understeer under turning without power. We ran a Detroit Locker in our GT-1 Corvette, oversteer under power, fairly neutral under turning. The Torsen torque split technology, for us, gives us less oversteer under power & appears to be fairly neutral under turning. We had to replace axles once per season running the spool & Detroit Locker as we learned if we did not we ricked a catastrophic axle failure. We have now run 4 seasons in the Panoz (admittedly shortened ones due to COVID), checking for cracks & twisting at the end of each season & have observed nothing to date. I am not an expert driver however this is what I have observed for our cars. Consequently, we have gone with the Torsen for our Mustang. I trust that this info helps. Best, Steve


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      To PANOZ Steve, THANKS for your comments re diffs.
      I believe you ran the PANOZ at the VARAC Event at Shannonville. How is the TORSEN on a smaller tighter track like Shannonville compared to CTMP ?
      Does the TORSEN stop inside rear wheelspin on corner exits ? Is the TORSEN really like "having your cake and eating it too ? "